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    New Mini Micro current for your skin care routine

    New Mini Micro current for your skin care routine

    Reverse Your Age With Lumive Microcurrent Facial Device

    Strong dry winds and hot summer waves take a heavy toll on our skin, especially facial skin. Lumive Microcurrent Facial Device will give your skin the love and care it deserves after a long and tiring day. This device moves along the natural contours of your skin with the help of two microcurrent spheres, leaving behind a tighter skin and toned complexion. So, forget about taking appointments at the beauty salon and get that perfect facial at your home instead with this age-reversing and face-lifting skincare gadget in five minutes!

    Reduces Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

    Facial movements like smiling or frowning form a groove beneath the skin's surface. As we age, our skin loses the flexibility and ability to spring back into its place. Lumive Microcurrent facial device glides over your facial muscles and promotes cellular activity. The movement stimulates collagen production to restore elasticity to your face and, hence reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

    Sets You up For a Relaxing Spa Day at Home

    After an exhausting day at work, you deserve to relax and unwind your brain. And what can be a better way to unwind than a relaxing spa day? Grab this electric facial massager and slick on some primer on your face. Move it along the natural contours of your face and let it work its magic on your face. It relieves muscle tension and leaves your skin feeling energized again.

    Sculpts Your Face into a Beautiful V-shape

    This facial massager introduces low-level EMS electrical currents to your face and skin cells. The message wheel moves across your face and neck and eliminates facial fat. The microcurrent trains the muscles and tightens the skin to leave behind a beautifully sculpted three-dimensional V-shaped face. Forget about Botox and filters that cost you an arm or leg. Go for this inexpensive and non-invasive alternative to lift your face.

    Depuffs Tired Eyes

    Are you tired of those heavy under-eye bags that just won't budge even after using tons of eye creams? The gentle massager banishes puffy eyes and tackles crow’s feet. It works by sweeping from the inner corner to the outer corner of the eyes, encouraging lymphatic drainage to give you bright and wide-awake eyes.

    The pulsating movements stimulate tear glands to produce quality tears and hydrate your red and itchy eyes after a long zoom meeting. It doesn’t tug or pull at your delicate under-eye skin and gives off a cooling sensation. So, wait no more and try this skincare tool to get a relaxing eye session.

    Brightens Your Skin

    The facial massager rolls over your face to improve blood circulation and increase cell regeneration. Good blood circulation improves the flow of oxygen that brightens your face and gives you an even skin tone.

    Topical skin creams and serums do work, but as they say, It’s what’s inside that matters! Thus, when your skin is healthy from the inside, it is no wonder it shines on the outside.

    Painless and Comforting

    The electric massager produces gentle and warming vibrations to reduce muscle tension and make you feel more awake. These vibrations are painless and comforting, tailored to aid in the process of lymphatic drainage for a more youthful appearance.

    It works like a pressure pump with repeated “tighten” and “relax” actions to prevent delicate capillaries from damage and deliver a soothing massaging procedure.

    Contemporary and Minimalistic Design

    This adorable facial device has a modern and minimalistic design. This V-shaped skincare tool is gently curved to fit the natural contours of your face. The left and right rollers glide over your skin effortlessly to deliver a relaxing, antiaging push message.

    It comes in two attractive colors: Tulip pink and pure white, making this massager pleasing to the eyes and fun to use.

    Lightweight and Travel-friendly

    This compact and lightweight device weighs a little more than a deck of cards, making it easy to carry wherever you go. It’s small enough to fit in your travel pouch or your glam bag to refresh your skin on the go.

    Helps With Edema

    Facial edema is caused by the inflammation of facial tissues due to allergy or any injury. This therapeutic facial massager works through your facial muscles to flush out toxins and reduce swelling. Thus, it’s an effective and easy solution to alleviate skin problems.

    Exfoliates and Prep up Your Skin

    The microcurrent facial device is a useful addition to your skincare regime. It exfoliates and removes dead skin cells to give a cleansed and refreshed skin. It prepares your skin to absorb skincare products more efficiently, making you look like a glazed donut at the end of the pamper session.

    Convenient to Use and Operate

    This mini massager is super simple to use and operate:

    1. Wash and cleanse your face thoroughly before using the facial massager.
    2. Turn on the Lumive Microcurrent Facial Device by pressing the button. The button will light up when you press it.
    3. Slick on your preferred conductive gel or face primer on your face. Make sure your face is dry before applying the gel.
    4. Move the microcurrent device gently from the bottom up along the contour of your face. Don’t press too hard as it will irritate your skin.
    5. Message it on each part of your face for 30 seconds for a total of five minutes. Yes! It works its magic in just five minutes.
    6. When the massage is over, remove the excess conductive gel from your face and enjoy the refreshed and youthful skin all day long!


    The Lumive Microcurrent Facial Device keeps your skin healthy and youthful. The microcurrent technology sends extremely low-grade electric currents to your face to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It’s an inexpensive alternative to costly Botox and cosmetic procedures. The massager works through your skin to relieve muscle tension and improves blood circulation.

    Plus, It’s convenient to use and small enough to fit in your makeup bag. Add this gentle massager to your skincare routine and enjoy a relaxing spa day in the comfort of your home.

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